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We can do anything if we standing together
We can do anything if we standing together

An 8 months-old-baby and two young children were left behind by the deceased mother... was the ...

Come and take a look at our online christian bookshop!
Come and take a look at our online christian bookshop!

We would like to share with everyone our English Christian book collection. Novels, theological ...

Summer=Children's camps
Summer=Children's camps

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Blue Bucket

Food donation Webshop
Blue bucket

„for I was hungry and you gave me food”

The Blue Bucket food collecting project is a social feeding program. We collect non-perishable food in 12 liter deep plastic buckets. These buckets are filled by churches, organizations and schools.
With the help of our volunteers we collect food in several shops in Debrecen. 
The main goal of the project is to call the people to action and donate so they help those people in need who live in deep poverty. Through our project we help families which take care of disabled family members and their monthly income is does not make it possible to have enough food on the table every day.  
In 2016, we collected 4000 buckets with the help of Reformed Charity Organization, and helped 8000 people.
In 2017, we collected 1500 buckets and helped 5000 people
In 2018, we collected 3000 buckets and helped 10000 people

Container house

For decent living circumstances
Container house

„I was a stranger and you welcomed me”

Dorcas would like to help based on Matthew 25, following Jesus’s words to provide a place to live for those who are in need.
The project aims to help those citizens of Debrecen living in the suburbs whose present living conditions are under the normal level which means that they do not have central heating, water or a door in their current homes.
Dorcas builds a container which we make livable with bathroom, kitchen area, and a bedroom.
The first container is being made on Pac for an elderly woman whose house was destroyed in a house fire.
The total project costs 950000 Ft.

Adopt a Granny!

Taking care of the elderly
Adopt a Granny!

„I was sick and you visited me”

With this program we would like to activate local churches to visit elders who live under difficult conditions. Through adoption the supporters have the opportunity to contact to beneficiaries. „Grannies” receive aid packages, and besides the personal visitation they can exchange letters
The elders in the program do not have any family members near themselves who could take care of them. They cannot go out and participate in any occasions due to their health issues so without the program they would distance themselves more from the local community.
For Hungary it is getting difficult to provide the adequate care of elders. In the target group there are elders whose daily eating and clothing are problematic and they cannot cover their costs by their monthly pension.
Adopt a granny for 2 500 Ft (~8 €) per month.
We support elders whose income is not sufficient to livelihood. These ‘grannies’ or ‘grandpas’ live alone, they do not have family or guardians who could take care of them. We send donations every month to the local partners who deliver the aid packages to the elders. Donation can be food, clothes, cleaning products or occasional money to buy medicine.
  • Choose an elder from the list.
  • Donate  2 500 Ft (~8 €) every month.
  • With your donation we send food, clothes or household items to your adopted ‘granny’.
  • Send a postcard to him/her on Christmas or for their birthday.

Children's camps

Art therapy, sports, building relationships
Children's camps

„Let the children come to me”

We receive underprivileged children in our camps whose parents cannot provide the financial background of teaching and clothing their children. Our Dutch art therapist Ineke Ruiter visits us every year to teach these children and tell them that they are valuable no matter where they come from.
Goal in 2019: This year we house 138 underprivileged children whose camping cost is 34 000 Ft (~110 €) per person.
Besides our regular camps, we will visit the detention center for juveniles in Debrecen where we will organize programs for 34 juveniles. This camp costs 26 000 Ft (~80 €) per person.
  • 6 camps
  • 6 weeks
  • 180 children

Family Care

Monthly help for moving forward in society
Family Care

„I was naked and you clothed me”

This project supports unprivileged families who are chosen by a local church or by social services because they decide if their monthly income is enough or not  to livelihood and for bringing up children.
We provide monthly support for families with donations such as clothes or food. When a family gets into our project we support them until their livelihood is secured. Our goal is to help them advance in their everyday life.
You can support an unprivileged family by 2 000 Ft (~6 €) per month. You can request cheque forms (used in Hungary)  that we can prepare for you for 12 months or you can support a family with direct transfer through you local bank as well. Please make sure that we know why you send us your donation.


Helping through churches

„let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth”

Through diaconal help we give tonnes of food and clothes annually to people with the help of churches. Our main sponsors are companies who help our work with donations.
We mainly support families and elders who do not participate in any of our social projects and do not receive monthly help from our foundation.
  • We got about 5 tonnes of clothes.
  • We filled 3000 blue buckets with food.

  • We got about 10 tonnes of clothes.
  • We got 1000 times 15 kg of food packages.
  • We filled 2000 blue buckets with food.

  • We got about 10 tonnes of clothes.
  • We got 1000 times 15 kg of food packages.
  • We filled 1500 blue buckets with food.


Realizing and Helping

„if you help the smallest, you help me”

Awareness Training
For who did we prepare the training?

The goal of an awareness training is to build sensitivity and knowledge in people about the targeted groups (e.g. the poor, the oppressed, and the disabled) and inspire them to perform charity work and act as a do-gooder.

We provide useful material for companies and employers who have the aim of employing people from one of the mentioned groups above or/and struggle to find the perfect attitude toward their employees.

We also like to give presentations in schools for students to learn at an early age how to act towards their classmates so that they are sympathetic and look equally at their ‘different’ classmates.

The training aims to develop three areas:
  • To notice: What does it mean to be aware of my surrounding? What do Ido with the tragic information I receive?
  • To decide: What is my role? Does it matter if I help or will everything remain the same? How is the decision of helping made?
  • To help: Who can I do good? How should I help so that it results in a positive change?
  • Poverty: Stepping out of the comfort zone. Realizing how rich we are and discovering how diversely I can help in my surrounding.
  • Disabled colleagues at work; how to work together efficiently
  • Living together with ethnic minorities
  • Awareness in our every day lives: Raising children with sensitivity
Types of training packages:
  • Short day: 45 minute long presentation, 30 minute long open conversation/workshop, 15-500 people
  • Half a day: 2x45 minutes of presentation ,2x30 minute long open conversation/workshop, 15-50 people
  • Day: presentation in the morning, 2x1 hour of group workshop (working in pairs, small groups, situations), 15-30 people
  • Weekend: (15-30 people)
  • Friday: introduction, test (where am I)
  • Saturday: 3 main presentations, 3 small groups conversations, individual, self reflexion
  • Sunday: making personal development plans
About the presenter:
Ábel Lukács Kiss, Director of the organization, experienced presenter
For further information send us a message!



Kids for kids

„and those who have two, shall share one”

Who Is Poor?
You are poor, if your parents don’t have enough money to send you to school to be learnt, to feed you healthily, to buy the adequate medicines for you when you are sick, to buy the learning tools, to pay the heating bills or buy the firewood when the weather is cold outside, and you have to put on the same clothes every time, and you don’t have toys to play.
When You Are Rich
You are rich if you have more than you need, so you have too many things. A lot of children ask from us: Why does someone have so many and why does someone have nothing? God gives you so many to share it with others who have nothing. You will be pleased to give and the other person will be happy to get something from you.
God needs you, and he would like to use you.
K4K is a club for 10-14 year old children. We help kids become pen pals to share their life with each other.

How Can You Help?
  • Write a letter.
  • Fill in a shoebox with gifts.
  • Send a greetings card for your pen pal’s birthday.
Join to K4K club! Membership costs 3 000 Ft (~10 €) annually.
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